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Data Processing

1. What personal data does Hotjar receive from the client or directly from Hotjar? And how do they receive it?

Hotjar won’t be collecting any personal data, all heatmaps will be completely anonymous. More info here: Processing Personal Data in Hotjar and here: Privacy FAQs.

2. Do customers have to consent to use it, or is their browsing behaviour automatically “recorded” without any input from them?

The tool automatically records user behaviour & website usage on screen, but is anonymous and therefore it doesn’t ask users to consent (it needs to be mentioned in the privacy pages though, which the users usually consent to via the cookie tool).

3. Hotjar will not advertise our products or services. Is this correct?

Correct. This is a tool that is run in the background.

4. What will the customer actually see on our website?

Hotjar records user behaviour in the background, so not visible. If however we use polls on the website to gather user info, these will be visible to the user.