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Dr Sarah Jarvis

Cough & Cold Doctor's Advice From Dr Sarah Jarvis

Dr Sarah Jarvis has been a GP for 30 years. She’s a completely independent expert in coughs. Got a burning question? She has the answers!

Dr Sarah Jarvis does not endorse any medical brands or products.

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What is the best way to treat a cough?

Got a cough that just won’t go away? Trying to figure out how to kick it to the curb? Worry not, this video will tell you exactly what you need to do to get your throat back in action and for your cough to feel the power. Dr Sarah Jarvis is a health specialist who’ll tell you the ins and outs of everything you want to do or don’t want to do to help your cough.

Think antibiotics are going to magically cure your cough and have you feeling better by tomorrow morning? Unfortunately, this isn’t going to be the case. For the vast majority of coughs antibiotics are ineffective and won’t do much to help treat your cough. Instead, what you may want is a tailored treatment to relieve symptoms. Lucky for you, we have a few remedies to help you feel the power of Covonia.

As soon as you get a cough, do you get the duvet and don’t move from your bed for hours? It’s tempting to sit at home, get cosy, shut all windows and crank the heating all the way up, but actually this is detrimental to your cough. Keep your heating low and open a few windows to really get the air circulating, this helps to stop dry air from being so prevalent which can irritate your throat further.

Avoiding exercise like the plague? Don’t. Bulls orders. Gentle exercise can be really good for helping with your throat (and cabin fever). Stopping every form of exercise you do just because you’ve got a cough can be a bad thing to do. Do gentle exercise, but not harsh exercise as it may irritate your throat and cause you to cough more. Experts at Mayo Clinic believe that exercise may even help you feel better by opening your nasal passages and temporarily relieving nasal congestion.

Finally, one we’re all guilty of: JUNK FOOD! Whilst this seems like a great idea as you watch the pizza tracking countdown, it’s not so good in practise. Simply because it isn’t giving you the vitamins or minerals you need to help fight back against your cough.

Follow all these tips and get ready to feel the power.