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ANNOUNCEMENT: SELF-PITY IS NOT HELPFUL WHEN YOU’RE ILL. Here, a doctor explains why you should try not to feel too sorry for yourself and instead tackle your cough head-on to speed up your recovery.

Unfortunately, self-pity and feeling sorry for yourself when you’re ill isn’t going to help speed up your recovery. If you’re experiencing self-pity, it can actually make you feel less in control and, in turn, make you feel more stressed; which are all things that can make your symptoms feel much worse.

While it’s normal to feel a bit down when you’re under the weather, it’s important to stay positive and be as proactive as possible to help kickstart your recovery. Wallowing in self-pity when you’re ill can make you want to huddle up in front of the television, with a duvet wrapped around you, central heating on full blast and all the windows closed. But as the doctor explains, this is not the best treatment for your cough and can exacerbate your symptoms.

So, the best thing to do is to get back in charge and grab your cough by the horns. Find a treatment that will relieve your symptoms while your body fights off the illness, but most importantly, try not to feel sorry for yourself.

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