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Advice On Cough Remedies

There are different types of cough, with different remedies for each, so it’s important to ID your cough correctly. Whether your cough is chesty, dry or tickly, Covonia has a medicine to help you power through – and some useful suggestions, too.


  • Get plenty of rest – preferably in a room with good ventilation
  • Drink plenty of fluids – water and juices can help dilute mucus for easy expulsion
  • Drink hot drinks to soothe a tickly cough
  • Eat frequent light and small meals in order to reduce the risk of vomiting through prolonged coughing
  • Use steam inhalation to loosen the phlegm


  • Smoke or go into excessively dusty areas – these can trigger coughing bouts
  • Work in areas of noxious fumes or polluted air
  • Close your windows – fresh air is good for your immune system

When to see your GP

Sometimes you need an extra hand to diagnose or treat your cough.
Make sure you visit your GP if any of the following apply:

  • There are signs of infection – green, yellow or 'rusty' phlegm
  • Blood is present in the mucus
  • You are wheezing
  • Coughing is associated with chest pain
  • You have whooping cough or croup
  • You have recurrent night-time coughing
  • The cough has lasted for more than three weeks
  • There is any shortness of breath or severe pain when inhaling
  • You have any recent, unexplained weight loss which accompanies a cough

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