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Dr Sarah Jarvis

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Dr Sarah Jarvis has been a GP for 30 years. She’s a completely independent expert in coughs. Got a burning question? She has the answers!

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Does man flu really exist?

An age-old debate, is man flu a real thing? Are the whole lot of them overreacting? Vince the Bull is letting Dr Sarah Jarvis answer this question, a health specialist and expert in coughs.

The word man flu was originally coined to suggest that men exaggerate their symptoms, giving the impression that they’ve been suffering dreadfully when actually they’ve got the exact same cold symptoms as a woman who would soldier on.

However, is all as it seems? Have men got what it takes to stick it to the cough? A study from Stanford University Medical School in 2013 suggested that the male hormone testosterone may actually weaken a man’s immune ability to fight off infection. Otherwise known as; a get out of jail free card. Whether you think this is all a load of bull, we’ll leave up to you.

Does this mean that the symptoms that men feel are worse? Who knows? What’s definitely the case is moping around won’t help. Get a tailored treatment for your specific cough or cold to help get back in control.