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Want to fight back against your cough and cold? Feel the power and tackle those symptoms head on, together with this hard-hitting advice.

Asking Dr Sarah Jarvis

How can you sleep better with a cough? Is there only one type of cough? Dr Sarah Jarvis is on hand to answer your common cough and cold questions in our short videos.


Woman coughing

Cough advice

Do get plenty of rest

Don't work in areas of noxious fumes

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Woman blowing her nose

Cold & flu advice

Do keep warm

Don't try to do too much

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Man with sore throat

Sore throat advice

Do gargle warm salt water

Don't eat spicy foods

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Man sneezing

Congestion & catarrh advice

Do sleep with your head on a high pillow

Don't close your windows

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Still unsure?


"If you are unsure about your diagnosis, please visit your doctor or pharmacist for advice. He or she will make sure that a medicine is suitable for the patient – especially important for babies and children, pregnant women, and elderly people. Certain remedies should be avoided by people with various medical conditions, while some can cause problems with prescribed medicines."